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 Our planet is becoming scorched, whether it’s Australia, California or Europe. The droughts are becoming more and more frequent and many farmers are experiencing crop failures, either because of a lack of water or because they do not have any irrigation equipment.

No-one can say with any certainty when it will be too late to act but, if we are going to be realistic, something has to be done right now: humans will find a way to adapt to climate change, as they have always done in the past. With regard to our profession, the manufacturers of irrigation equipment, whether it be for agriculture, parks and gardens or the general public, have brought products to the market, which save on water and are eco-friendly.  In this issue, you will learn about the systems that are able to irrigate by applying just the right amount of water to achieve optimum plant growth: low-pressure sprinklers, subsurface drip irrigation, water recovery and collecting, the creation of water reservoirs, the use of drought-resistant grasses. In short, a whole set of actions aimed at responding to the climate emergency that we now have.