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Édito : The technological challenges facing irrigation in the future

Robots, digital technology and artificial intelligence are probably going to change our world as we know it. It is absolutely essential for irrigation professionals on the whole planet to innovate in order to meet the changing market demands, either in the agricultural, parks and gardens or the general public. The other major feature that no-one can ignore at present is climate change with its numerous natural disasters that ravage the planet. All of these factors require an adaptation to the new technologies developed by “our manufacturers’ R & D departments”. In this edition, you will discover a wide range of innovations (wireless technology, remote management, solar panels, artificial intelligence).  The irrigators of the future have to adapt as best they can to a changing world. We sincerely hope that their efforts will be rewarded in 2020 and, in the meantime, the whole Irrigazette team wishes them a very Happy New Year.