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Edito : The lockdown imposed in the spring disrupted the world we live in.

Families have been forced to rethink the way they live. Homes that have gardens are the new Eldorado for city dwellers with no greenery.

The inhabitants of many large cities, who have had to put up with the lockdown in often cramped apartments, now want a garden and flowers and thus they will also require irrigation systems. And this is without taking in account the tendency to work at home, which allows them to work in the office, while being in the countryside. This all bodes well for the future of the residential irrigation sector.

As far as parks and gardens are concerned, the city-dwellers want to have greenery, parks and landscaped roundabouts. With regard to an agricultural sector that is facing climate change, it is adapting by practising soil-friendly farming and irrigating with the bare minimum amount of water.

In conclusion, we can say that the manufacturers and distributors of irrigation equipment still have plenty of good times ahead of them.