Edito : In less than two weeks, the world has been confronted with two views of global warming.

On the one side, we have the threats and attacks made against the politicians at the United Nations.by Greta Thunberg, her face distorted with anger.  On the other, we have the scientists of the IPCC who calmly presented the conclusions of their latest report.

There is a temptation to focus on the ferocity of the remarks made in the first scenario and not listen to the message given by the scientists.

Admittedly, there is something irritating about the overemphasis, invectives and anathemas of the young Swede. And it is true that her chilling prophesies could have us believe that we are about to witness the coming of a terrible period of ecological authoritarianism. Nonetheless, the urgency is there. Obviously, the current global warming will not bring about the end of our civilisation. It does not pose a threat to life on Earth. The planet has survived other major events.

This does not hide the fact, however, that the crisis is serious and deserves an appropriate reaction. The level of warming follows the trends shown in the prediction graphs displayed twenty-nine years ago by the experts of the IPCC in their first report: And as far as their predicted solution is concerned – a rapid reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases and better management of the water resource, we don’t have to worry unduly. It is not only extremely possible, but it also represents an excellent opportunity for achieving economic growth. 

Everyone – particularly our politicians – should be bold enough to invent the solutions of tomorrow. The irrigators themselves have not been idle. For a long time now they have been devising solutions for preserving not only the water but also the soil and our environment. That is exactly what is happening in the world today with the enormous efforts made in the area of efficiency as a result of the development of irrigation methods that are compatible with the challenges of climate change.