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This edition has been accomplished in part by working from home.  Scheduled to be published in May, it will come out a month later, on 1st June, because we have had to wait for the lifting of the lockdown before we can go to print. Apart from the many articles, which always relate to water saving, in the agricultural, parks and gardens and home consumer sections, we have compiled a study of the way that the coronavirus has affected our profession. We hope that, in the coming months, we will see the garden centres, agricultural dealerships and manufacturers recovering the flow of business that they had almost written off as a bad loss. At the end of this issue, you will find the customary calendar of agricultural trade fairs and shows. We have published this with considerable reservations because, at the time of going to print, we are still uncertain as to whether they will actually happen or their precise dates (the EIMA event will eventually take place in February 2021). In the meantime, let’s remain positive and look to the future, when this will be remembered as nothing more than a bad dream.