Dig : “The Add-It™ & Fertilizer Caddy™

The Add-It™ & Fertilizer Caddy™ are economical, flexible and easy-to-use proportional fertilizer injectors with up to a five-gallon capacity. 

The injectors mix the fertilizer and feed the plants automatically and proportionally without a pump or spreader hose and are designed for above-ground use, sub-surface drip irrigation or conventional sprinkler systems. The Add-It™ and Fertilizer Caddy™ can be used with any brand of liquid and water-soluble fertilizers for residential, commercial, agricultural, and greenhouse applications. When mixing, the fertilizer additive is placed into the fertilizer injector tank. As the irrigation system operates, a small amount of water is diverted from the main line flowing through the fertilizer injector into the top of the tank by utilizing a specially designed. color-coded, flow-controlled nozzle. Since the specific gravity of the fertilizer solution in the bottom of the tank is greater than that of the added water, the water floats on top of the fertilizer solution and does not mix with it, so the concentration of the fertilizer solution remains the same from the beginning to the end of the cycle. The slight pressure differential created between the inlet and outlet draws the fertilizer solution from the bottom of the tank until all that is left in the tank is water. The primary advantage of DIG’s Proportional Fertilizer Injectors, other than ease of use, is the fact that there is no pressure loss and there are no moving parts to wear out. Dig