Automatic irrigation, an environmentally-friendly and economic investment

Did you know that the average annual consumption of water for a garden of 100 m2 is equivalent to that consumed by two adults? In fact, it is estimated that the average annual consumption is 1,000 litres of water per person. Therefore, choosing the right irrigation method is now considered to be both an eco-friendly and economic necessity.


Furthermore, by installing an automatic irrigation system you will be enhancing the value of your property, whether it is owned individually or collectively.


Plants in better health

The majority of the plants in the soil have a constant moisture requirement. The irrigation water should, therefore, be applied evenly over the (flower) beds so that they grow uniformly.

As far as the shrubs are concerned, they do not have the same requirements since they have to be irrigated less often but in greater amounts.

Therefore, it is the professionals who will be able to adapt the methods more precisely to meet the needs of each plant.


Choice of timing and frequency and the condition and lushness of the ground cover.

When it is hot, the plants need even more water. However, if you water during the heat of the day, then it is certain that 60% of the water will be lost through evaporation before reaching the plant!

Of course, you have to irrigate in the evening but it also depends on the ambient heat, type of soil and plant variety.

Furthermore, if you should be absent, away for the weekend, on holiday, or travelling, there is a real risk of finding everything dried out when you return. There would then be the temptation when you get back to apply too much water to compensate for the lack of irrigation and damage your plants in the process.


Different systems for maximum efficiency

There are two main families of automatic irrigation systems: drip irrigation or subsurface irrigation. While the former can be adapted easily, the second one is aesthetically gratifying. What a pleasure it is to be able to admire the rainbow effects of the jet of water at the end of the day on a perfectly maintained lawn.

What a joy for the children - and the grown-ups - to be able to walk and play on a soft and fresh carpet of greenery during a hot and balmy evening.

With the micro-sprinklers or porous tubes, you will use less water than you would with a spray nozzle. And above all, instead of seeing it as a chore, you will discover the pleasure of admiring the lawn being irrigated by itself, with your plants being watered unaided.


A technical and professional installation

You should not improvise when equipping your garden or green space with an automatic irrigation system. In fact, for anything from digging the trenches to connecting the system to the municipal water supply or a borehole, electrical installations or irrigation controllers, only a seasoned professional can foresee and manage any problems or constraints that may arise.

The carrying-out of the work required, in particular the trenching or excavation, and the costs incurred, must be sustainable and well-thought-out.


Controllers, connections, smart devices used for the benefit of the plant

The efficiency of the automatic irrigation system depends on the relevance of its programming. Nowadays, the controllers can be improved even more with the use of the smart Wi-Fi-connected systems.

They can prevent, for example, irrigation from being started after a storm or heavy rains, or, adversely, increase irrigation when there is a severe drought.

With this new possibility of finely adapting the system to the climatic conditions, automatic irrigation has truly become a real asset for the green spaces.


Optimise the irrigation process with manual techniques

Equipping your green space with an automatic irrigation system guarantees that you make full use of the precious resource that is water. However, this is not enough to ensure the healthy development of the grass, flower beds and plants.

It would also be appropriate to carry out maintenance work, such as using a spike to aerate the soil or even the tedious job of weeding. It would also be useful to mulch the soil so as to protect the plants from harsh weather conditions. In any case, this maintenance work could be carried out by a professional, which would allow you to enjoy your green spaces with peace of mind.