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123,723 visitors at the 26th Agrotica

The 26th Agrotica welcomed over 120,000 visitors, marking this year's Fair as a true ‘feast’ of the agricultural world. Despite the farmers' demonstrations and the difficulties in accessing Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre during the four days of the event (28-31 January), 123,723 visitors gave their vote of confidence to the largest agricultural event in South-East Europe. In fact, apart from total attendance by the public, there was a significant increase of 51% in the number of foreign trade visitors, who came from 22 countries.


The 26th Agrotica, which began with a record number of participants, as it featured over 1,500 exhibitors, as compared to 1,349 during the previous Fair, and a record number of countries represented by their exhibitors, coming to 41, as compared to 35 in 2014, was completed in the best possible way. In fact, the interest of the agricultural world, whose members filled the pavilions to receive information on the latest developments in the sector, was particularly felt during the weekend, when Thessaloniki International Exhibition Centre was inundated with visitors.


About twenty irrigation companies were together in Hall 15. We discovered some interesting novelties: Palaplast presented a new Microsprinkler “Pal Mist” 3033,  “Geopal”, a new green­house heating tube and “Ermis”, an adjustable impact sprinkler 1 with 1 nozzle. Rivulis presented “Rondo”, a new medium-range micro sprinkler and Pestan company had a new line of irrigation tapes, hirro®tape. On Technoplastic booth, we discovered a new fertilizer tunneling system in irrigation networks.