Introducing the New Rivulis Comprehensive Guide to Drip Irrigation

Committed to making micro irrigation accessible, Rivulis has developed the mostcomprehensive guide in the market that covers all aspects of drip irrigation: The Rivulis Drip Guide.

The Rivulis Drip Guide is a four-book set that provides

in-depth guidance on selecting drip irrigation systems and products, installing, and maintaining a drip irrigation system, featuring detailed illustrations and how-to photos throughout the books. The fact that it’s written in a clear, concise and easy-to-understand language, makes the Rivulis Drip Guide a great tool for growers and irrigation professionals, regardless of their level of expertise.

The first book of the Rivulis Drip Guide, “Introduction to Drip Irrigation”, provides an overview of the considerations farmers should take into account when developing their drip irrigation system, including water requirements, soil types, and other considerations. The second book, “Overview of Drip Irrigation Systems & Components”, goes into further analysis of specific components of a drip irrigation system, including water source, filters, valves, and emitters. The third book, “Design, Installation, and Startup of the Irrigation System”, provides an overview of irrigation design and a step-by-step guide to installing, and starting up a drip irrigation system. The fourth book, “Maintaining the Drip Irrigation System”, offers valuable information on how to keep the drip irrigation system running smoothly and efficiently.

The Rivulis Drip Guide is offered free of charge by Rivulis.


Download the Rivulis Drip Guide here: