Senninger Introduces its Latest LEPA Innovation: the LDN® Wide Spray Bubbler

Senninger is pleased to announce its latest LEPA innovation, the LDN Wide Spray Bubbler, a cost-effective solution for 30″ to 60″ (0.76 to 1.5 m) spacing.

With this new bubbler sprinkler, Senninger is expanding its proven LDN platform to provide the low-pressure water-saving efficiencies of LEPA application while achieving total coverage. The new LDN Wide Spray Bubbler produces a wide gentle aerated pattern suitable for most crops and soils. In addition, growers can take advantage of changing from a LEPA to a LESA spray pattern with a simple twist and flip of the deflector assembly. The modularity of adding one of the Wide Spray Bubbler deflector assemblies to a grower’s existing LDN® UP3® bracket saves cost. Components are available as assemblies or separate components. The LDN Wide Spray Bubbler has different deflector models to choose the spray pattern that best suits the soil and crop requirements.