Rain Bird Golf’s New 702/752 Series Rotors

Rain Bird Golf’s New 702/752 Series Rotors Offer Faster Adjustments, Less Maintenance.

As the green industry’s labor shortage continues, many superintendents are struggling to manage everyday tasks with fewer crew members. Now, Rain Bird’s Golf Division is making that challenge a little easier by introducing its new 702/752 Series Rotors. These rotors replace Rain Bird’s current 700/751 Series electric and IC Valve-In-Head (VIH) Rotors and are designed to offer faster, easier adjustments with fewer parts, thus reducing maintenance and inventory. The new 702/752 Series Rotors offer flexibility and numerous time-saving benefits including 75 percent faster nozzle changes using a simple screwdriver. The new self-adjusting stator eliminates the need to change stator configurations when changing nozzles, delivering consistent rotation speeds that optimize performance for all 702 and 752 series nozzles. Like all Rain Bird rotors, the 702/752 offer top-serviceable arc adjustment, pressure regulation and easy access to serviceable components. The Rain Bird 702 is a full-circle rotor with a radius of 59 to 77 feet (18.0 to 23.5 meters) available in two models: electric and IC (integrated control). Also available in electric and IC models, the Rain Bird 752 full- and part-circle rotor has a remarkable radius of 19 to 84 feet (5.8 to 25.6 meters) – the largest range of throw available in a golf class rotor, making it a truly “all-in-one” rotor. The Rain Bird 752 features Rain Bird’s Rapid-Adjust Technology for easy arc adjustments with the turn of a screw, as well as MemoryArc®, which retains two part-circle arc settings so that rotors can be shifted from full- to part-circle operation in mere seconds. Rain Bird