Hunter : Add Wireless Flow Monitoring to Hydrawise™ Smart Irrigation Systems

Designed for simple integration with Hydrawise smart irrigation systems, the new Wireless HC Flow Meter communication kit maximises time, material, and labour savings for any new installation or retrofit project.

No More Wires or Trenching

When asphalt, concrete, or other hardscape materials are in the way, this kit is the ideal solution to deliver highly reliable flow data that increases water savings and protects landscapes.

Features: Wireless communication kit for use with any HC Flow Meter and Hydrawise enabled HC, HPC, Pro-HC, or HC controller. Sends station-level flow rates and totals wirelessly from the sensor to the controller, without the need to run wire or dig trenches. Battery-operated transmitter connects to the flow meter to detect and communicate flow rates and totals. Receiver is powered by the host controller and transfers flow data from the transmitter to the controller and cloud software. Provides 500' line-of-sight communication from transmitter to receiver.