Four European Companies Join Forces to Create the Scarabelli Group

The Scarabelli Group was created in 2022 with the aim of becoming the point of reference for the world of irrigation. In 2022, the Italian Private Equity Fund Aksìa Group set up IREX SpA. The Holding Company, through the Scarabelli Group, seeks to create a build-up project of irrigation excellence with the aim of establishing an industrial group of reference at national and international level.

Combining the skills of the four companies that make up the Scarabelli Group (Scarabelli, Giunti, Europlast and Smacla) produces a profound know-how that enables the group to follow a path in line with the customers’ needs, from a made-to-measure design of the system to the production and distribution of irrigation products.

There is thus a blend of experience and innovation, resulting in an increasingly intelligent use of water.

The Scarabelli Group operates as a manufacturer and distributor of materials for irrigation systems, basing its activities on the know-how of its employees while ensuring that the customers receive the benefit of its expertise.

There are two main values that guide the Group: the companies share a customer-focused philosophy that targets customer satisfaction and needs and they are committed to finding more and more cutting-edge solutions that respect the concept of sustainability in terms of water savings.

Most of the companies of the Scarabelli Group have a long history; these are commercial realities that have been present on the market for decades. Acquiring these companies enables the group to develop the experience and professionalism accrued over time, thus becoming an important player on the global irrigation market.

Making a brief synopsis of the situation, we can see how in just over a year the group moved on from acquiring two companies in June 2022, to acquiring two others, evolving from its historical and traditional realities to more innovative and contemporary solutions.



Scarabelli Irrigazione, founded in 1977 in Bologna (Italy), represents the commercial soul of the Group.

Characterized by a consolidated know-how in the design of irrigation systems for agriculture, green spaces and sports facilities, for almost 50 years the company has been distributing the products manufactured by the main national and international brands.

The company’s single most strategic factor is the design expertise of highly specialized technicians involved in the construction of complex systems, and the wide range of products available with more than 20,000 references.

Today it is also active in Lyons (France) with the brand Scarabelli France.



Scarabelli and Giunti merged in July 2022.

Giunti, active in Umbertide (Perugia, Italy) since 1945, is a point of reference for the production of traditional irrigation systems and water conveyance.

Specialized in the production of galvanized pipes and steel filters, today its distinctive strategic component is the excellence of its production process.

Its know-how has also allowed it to become active internationally, principally in France (Bouc-Bel-Air) where it has its own organization, and in Africa.  



Europlast joined the group in November 2022.

Europlast, set up in 1972 with its headquarters in Camerano (Ancona, Italy), specializes in the design and construction of moulds for drippers and the moulding of plastics and other items for irrigation.

The production capacity of the company, which now has two factories, one in Camerano and one in Monopoli (Puglia, Italy), will be tripled in 2024.

Europlast is also present in Lampa (Chile) with a plant that allows the Group to expand in South America.



Samcla joined the group in May 2023, with the firm now known as the Scarabelli Group.

Samcla was set up in 2002 in Matarò (Spain) for the design and production of remote management devices for irrigation systems. It also has two others business premises in Barcelona (Spain) and Paris (France).

It is the most innovative company of the Group; its know-how has allowed for the development of automation systems capable of managing agricultural water consumption and public and private green spaces.



Today it has 9 locations in Italy, France, Spain and Chile. Thanks to the extensive sales network, which has more than 30 sales staff, the group is able to disseminate its know-how and expertise at national and international level.Today the group has 9 locations in Italy and abroad, consisting of factories, warehouses and sales offices.

Scarabelli group is facing a phase of great growth and potential new aquisitions. There will be new locations and a staff that will count about 300 employees between italy and abroad.   



• Around 300 employees

• 30 brands represented

• More than 25,000 products 

• 4 production plants

• 5 warehouses in Italy and abroad

• 25,000 m2 of production sites and storage space


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