Elysee : Zero Force Fittings – Zeta Series

Elysée offers a complete range of Zero-Force fittings for sizes 75, 90 & 110 mm designed for conveyance of fluids, gaseous fuels, compressed air, chemical solutions and slurries under high pressure.

They are also ideal for the conveyance of potable water and fluids for human consumption, since they are produced in accordance with national and international standards and regulations for health and safety. Complete Range of fittings from 75 mm up to 110 mm. No insertion force is necessary for the pipe installation. Conforms to hygiene and sanitary requirements. Tested according to all related standards.

Designed for an extensive lifespan. Abrasion and chemical resistant. Use of top-class raw materials for better pressure resistance. No loose component employing no-pull-out insert. Ease of handling with ergonomic design of nut. Longer pressure zone to accommodate pipe end. Proven leak-free secured system. Modern design and shape. Range of fittings designed to connect metrical Polyethylene pipes.