Elysee : Push-Fit Fittings – Omicron Series

Elysée offers a complete range of push-fit fittings for sizes 20, 25 & 32 mm designed for conveyance of fluids, gaseous fuels, compressed air, chemical solutions and slurries under high pressure.

Our push-fit fittings comply with all relevant international standards in terms of dimensions and mechanical properties.

Advanced Design: Elysée Push-Fit, is a range of innovative push-fit fittings designed to connect to metrical Polyethylene pipes. This new range is following a modern ergonomic design with clear “family” feel to the existing range of Elysée fittings.

Features: Range of fittings from 20 mm up to 32 mm including all models. Anti-vadal and security design features. No need for assembly tools. Closed-type fitting ensuring single-movement installation. Demountable if need by use of special wrench. Designed for an extensive lifespan. Abrasion and chemical resistant. Conforms to international hygiene and sanitary requirements.