Edito : what the 21st Century has in store for our planet ?

At the time of writing, we can say that we have seen an overwhelming number of events occurring during the past eleven months, leading to key questions being asked about what the 21st Century has in store for our planet.

What is the impact of climate change? Is the war in Ukraine ever going to end?  There are so many issues, to which we are trying to respond positively: as a result of the drought the irrigation professionals have seen stocks depleting and orders keep pouring in.

In parks and gardens, the ‘green’ cities are growing in number while practising a more efficient form of water management; in agriculture the hose reel machines (travelling gun) have regained lost ground in northern Europe; the remote management of the pivots and linear move machines has allowed for irrigation to be applied at an unprecedented level of precision.

Finally, at the end of this issue you will find many new products, which will make their mark over the next few years in terms of saving on water.

Meanwhile, I wish you an excellent 2023.