Rain spa : Vision Smart Irrigation Kit

How much time do you spend to assemble the inside of a valve box? And how much for periodical maintenance? Vision Smart Irrigation Kits are the perfect solution to drastically reduce installation and maintenance time!

Our kits contain everything you need to assemble an automatic irrigation system in less than 4 minutes: valve box with integrated, patented handle, a grid, manifolds, two 9Vdc solenoid valves, a Bluetooth 9Vdc controller and its recharging device to ensure your system is always functioning. Vision Smart kits are the new professionals’ best friend not only because assembling the valve box is extremely quick and easy, but first and foremost because it is a connected, self-sufficient solution. The Pure Vision 2.0 controller can be easily programmed by the intuitive Vision App via Bluetooth 5.0 connection; however, it’s Internet-ready, to grant you the flexibility to extend the connectivity by adding one of the Nuvola Vision hubs to the bundle. You can also forget about periodically replacing the controller’s batteries because Pure Vision is rechargeable! The Turbina Vision recharging device uses the energy of the system water to keep the lithium batteries constantly charged: no extra maintenance time and budget, no additional costs for new, polluting batteries. We designed two kits to serve the needs of both small gardens (up to 400 m2) and medium-large ones (up to 700 m2): simply choose between the RN150 and RN155 solenoid valves accordingly. The future of irrigation is connected and sustainable: Vision can take you there. Rain SPA