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Synaa : a peculiar start of the season

It really has been a peculiar start to the season, what with the health crisis, the complete closure of all businesses and the lockdown. Not to mention the dramatic human and economic consequences.


In France, Synaa’s approach was based on the guidelines given to the landscaping, civil engineering and construction companies. We were subject to the same restrictions. Given the day-to-day uncertainty caused by an unprecedented situation, it has been difficult to react in this state of emergency. We note that most of the irrigation companies in France are abiding by the lockdown rules.

Information and assistance was provided when needed and wherever possible. A Whatsapp group has been created to exchange and share information.

Numerous videoconferences have taken place during the lockdown. We decided to move forward with our projects faster than planned and we this has been of great benefit. Dates have been reserved and finalised for the 2020 conference. It will take place in Strasbourg, Alsace, on 3rd and 4th December. The curriculum of the new specialist certificate has been completed and is now ready upon review. The new irrigation handbook has been released and research and development work has begun.

Fortunately, the government has asked us to work and maintain production. This enables us to work outdoors and to be able to establish working conditions that will not spread the virus. We have been lucky to receive help, even if it is less than the losses sustained. We are fortunate…

We have all learnt patience and humility. Everyone has been put on an equal footing – both large and small-scale businesses.

Of course, the wounds will have to heal – firstly the emotional trauma for some and then the financial and social scars for others.

The next task for everyone is solidarity and community support. Synaa will be eager to keep an eye on the companies that have been suffering, who are short of work. It is imperative to preserve jobs, whatever the cost, because it is very difficult to organise training at the present time. Please feel free to contact us at:

Now, on the verge of a gradual recovery, we must strive to stick to the guidelines for keeping safe and protecting others – even to the point of absurdity. We must strive to be positive and boost morale. We just need to have a little more patience and to dream of the moment when all this will be nothing more than a bad memory.

Take care!