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Just a few more days left before spring arrives. Nature comes into its own once again and the planters and growers head back to their gardens, vegetable plots and orchards. There will be a demand for plant pots, compost, flower seeds and also sprinklers, hoses, controllers and drip systems in order to save on a resource that has become very precious. So what does the spring have in store for us? We hope that it will be better than last year, which was beset by a series of freak events: floods, heatwaves, forest fires and tornadoes. However, let’s be optimistic because the forecasters are predicting a spell of mild weather! The growth buds of the fruit trees are developing and the same also applies to the grape vines and rose bushes. We hope that we will escape the terrible early morning frosts that caused so much damage to the vineyards. Freeze-protection sprinkling is there to solve this problem. We hope that for all of you, 2020 will turn out to be the successful season that is so long-awaited.