Rivulis presents Synergy, an holistic system for seasonal horticulture

While many manufacturers provide products for drip irrigation, Rivulis has taken it a step further and developed a holistic system, called Synergy, specifically for seasonal horticulture

The aim of Synergy is to design and supply end-to-enddrip irrigation solutions that work from water source to crop production, no matter the crop, soil, location or management practice. For the delivery of water to the crop, Rivulis offers the widestrange of drip tapes and drip lineswith a huge variety of flow rates, emitter spacings, and sizes – allowing for customized irrigation solutions which means farmers do not have to compromise on drip lines/tapes that are not quite right for their application. To protect the system, the range of Rivulis filters, including hydrocyclone, media, screen and disc, along with control and air valves ensure system longevity, even with the most problematic water sources. These solutions are supported by anextensive range of connectors, accessories and components that are designed to ensure there is no weak link in the system. The Rivulis holistic approach does not stop here. Fertigation solutions, designed with synergy in mind, mean that fertilizeris applied through the irrigation system at the right time and rate per the correct schedule, ensuring crop productivity. Completing the picture, the irrigation system can be coupled with Manna Irrigation Intelligence, which relies on the latest in satellite and sensing technology to develop irrigation schedules in real-time and provide crop health information. Rivulis