Ideal for design flexibility in a range of applications, we are proud to welcome the MP815 to our industry-best MP Rotator family.

As the newest member of the popular MP800 Series, the MP815...> See details


The years come and go and not much changes. Globally, 2017 has been one of the hottest years on record.  Extreme rainfall has been heavier than average with torrential and devastating ev...> See details


On a rainy afternoon in early-June, I travelled to the Lawn Tennis Club of Deauville, in Normandy, France, with Denis Lemarié, Rain Bird’s head of sales for North/East France. M...> See details


And if, instead of asking the question “Why go for organic gardening”, we were to ask ourselves: “Why use chemical products in the garden?”. Chemical fertilisers?

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Record rainfalls and record droughts during 2018 have had a major effect on the world of irrigation in France.  There were difficulties in adapting the supply chain and planning the responses. The...> See details

Let’s begin by reminding ourselves that this, strictly speaking, is an agricultural practice aimed at growing a plant without water, often more simply called « soil-less » cultivation. In these...> See details


The wine-growers’ trade associations of the Côtes de Provence and Coteaux Varois regions and the producers of the PGI wines of the Var region, the Company Canal de Provence &nbs...> See details


Vineyards have suffered from climate change and increasing periods of drought.  The regions of Occitanie and Paca have begun installing an irrigation network for the use  ...> See details


Growers are about to gain smarter, simpler options for controlling and managing their irrigation center pivots. Valmont® Irrigation, the leader in irrigation technology, introduce...> See details

The ii.ri features a smart and user-friendly App for both IoS and Android platforms, having a wide range of logic irrigation plans and unique options to help sustain healthier lan...> See details