Jain Irrigation, Inc., (“Jain”), today announced the formation of their Field Monitoring and Control product platform, Jain Logic™. Jain Logic™ is the new face of Jain Irrigation,...> See details

HC Flow Meter Now Available with Expanded Range Options. Hunter Industries is pleased to introduce expanded range options for our simple-to-install HC flow meter, which allows customers to better m...> See details

The EnviroMonitor is a simple and cost effective way to get the sensor data you want seamlessly transmitted from your fields to the smart device in your hand. Get the timely and leaningful informat...> See details


Remote control technology to retrofit existing pivots. Many growers are challenged by operating multiple brands of pivots. The newest addition to the FieldNET Pivot Control™ family, Piv...> See details


As water conservation measures continue to be implemented worldwide, reclaimed water irrigation systems are becoming more common. However, reclaimed water generally contains high concentr...> See details


Rain S.p.A. presents the new patented Valve Box Rack for Rain’s rectangular valve box PZRM115, which completes the line of grids in addition to the already available version for valve b...> See details


Three available models and multiple nozzles allow for customized throw ranges. When watering large areas like sports turf, agricultural fields and feed yards, efficient, long-range rotors...> See details


Introduces the New Valley® X-Tec™ Center Drive. Valmont® Irrigation, The Leader in Precision Irrigation®, introduces a new center drive that delivers the perfect combination of speed...> See details


Reinke Introduces RC10 Remote Management. Growers now have a new option to access and manage their irrigation system from anywhere at any time. Reinke introduces RC10, a remote monitoring...> See details


Optimizing irrigation through better decision-making. Growers will no longer need to rely on visual inspections of their fields, use complex calculations or juggle multiple tools to track...> See details