One of the biggest global challenges facing today’s farmers is insect damage to their thin wall drip line/tape. Just a few bites from insects can wreak havoc on a field, leading to the flooding o...> See details

The I-50 large turf rotor is built to conquer the most demanding conditions. The powerful internal drive mechanism and versatile arc adjustment style are derived from Hunter’s time-proven golf ro...> See details

Sentek’s new Drill & Drop Bluetooth probe is a cable-free solution for monitoring soil moisture.  Instead of using cellular modem telemetry, the probe uses a Bluetooth connection with a phon...> See details

UMC's new Booster Pump is purpose built for center pivot irrigation. It's designed with features that enhance performance and reduce failures. Using UMC's industry renowned motor technology coupled...> See details

Nelson's new high-efficiency goosenecks have superior flow capacity to save you energy. • Less than half the friction loss of comparable products (1 psi {0.07 Bar} of friction loss @ 22 gpm {83 l...> See details

No other End of Pivot Sprinkler works in the low pressure range of 15-60 PSI (1-4 bar) and provides up to 10 additional irrigated acres (on a 1⁄4 mile pivot). The new Nelson R55 VT uses a patente...> See details

Valley Irrigation, in partnership with Prospera Technologies, brings you Valley Insights™: advanced service based on artificial intelligence. Valley use aerial imagery to virtually scout for crop...> See details

RKD, in its constant endeavours to develop new products to optimize irrigation has, in this particular case, developed a device that increases the area irrigated with our pivots. Th...> See details

FiledNet Pivot Watch is a cost-effective to keep an eye in your pivot operations 24/7, 365 days a year. Easy to install, solar-powered, FieldNet Pivot Watch works with any brands of pivot from any ...> See details

Next generation Zimmatic controllers lead the industry in technological sophistication and and intuitive user interface. Smart Barrier Actions work with both hard and soft barriers and allow grower...> See details