New pressure compensating micro sprinkler (AQ-206PC)by Automat is designed to compensate the uneven water application caused by pressure difference at micro sprinklers due to long lateral length, h...> See details

When there is a combination of severe water shortage and an increase in demand, the use of non-conventional sources of water could provide an alternative option for supplying large volumes of this ...> See details

Growers and irrigation designers alike have long awaited an economical valve option that is ideally suited to flows in the 400-700 gpm (90-160 m3/hr) range, where most 4” valves have too much pre...> See details

Senninger is pleased to announce the release of the i-Wob2, Senninger’s longest lasting pivot Wobbler. 

...> See details

Just imagine. You wake up and notice that something has changed, You can no longer hear the birds singing. You look out of the window and you see a parched landscape with no sign of life. The quali...> See details

Fima was held from 20th to 24th February 2018 at the Zaragoza Exhibition Centre, in Spain. This year, for the fortieth anniversary of the event, His Majesty King Felipe VI attended in person to ina...> See details

No other country - certainly not as young and as small as Israel - has helped to revolutionise agriculture as much as this country. Since the 1950s, the Israelis have not only miraculously found a ...> See details

Whatever material they are made of, sports fields need irrigating; whether they are used for football or rugby matches (on natural grass, stabilised surfaces or synthetic turf), grass or clay tenni...> See details

Irrigazette – Could you define a sub-surface irrigation system in a few words?

Didier Bordat – As far as I am concerned, this is a complex matter. You n...> See details

Before long, they will be saying that there is a water shortage!

Synaa’s activities continue with the group “Terrain de Sport” [Sports Fields]. We are working in collaboration with the...> See details