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SYNAA : Joign us in Paysalia from December 5 to December 7 !

The Paysalia irrigation village is almost completed, occupying an even larger surface area and still hugely successful. The 2019 event, which will take place from 3rd to 5th December in Lyons, will be even more vibrant.  Visitors will be able to find out about many new products at what has become one of the most important turf and landscape shows in Europe. Synaa has been an official partner of the show since its creation and it is also in partnership with Wellgreen, a company that specialises in sports fields.

Our colleagues from the EIA (European Irrigation Association) will give us the pleasure of being present at the General Assembly. The EIA will organise the first session of an examination aimed at providing the profes­sionals with a certificate of competence and proficiency. Details will be provided in the September issue of Irrigazette when the autumn enrolment begins.

We will be sending out the message that being an installer, designer or distributor of automatic irrigation systems is a profession that requires a high level of technical expertise, this being essential for the green spaces and sports fields, vital for the planet and an undisputed ecological player. We represent the technical elite responsible for the success of a garden and its sustainability and we are partly responsible for ensuring that the quality level of the playing areas meets the required standard.

A ‘career’ leaflet will be designed to try and get recognition for our profession and possibly attract people who are young and not so young to work in our enterprises with dedication and enthusiasm.

We will be spreading the word that there is no lack of water in France and it is quite acceptable to consume the resource for life cycle use. However, it must be used wisely!!!!