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SYNAA : Essential training

Essential training


“There are very few well-trained technicians in the irrigation industry”, stated  Pierre-Alain Madelaine, President of Synaa (French Automatic Irrigation Trade Association). Generally spea­king, the technicians learn their skills on-the-job, but they need to spend five years completing this apprenticeship if they are to reach an adequate level of competence, and, in any case, those involved need to be highly motivated in this profession.


Synaa has organised the “Expert’O” training sessions in conjunction with Tecomay, which take place in Jouy-en-Josas (Yvelines). There are a number of modules available: Selection and adjustment of irrigation equipment, architecture of an irrigation system, programming and water management, audit and modernisation of existing irrigation equipment or even understanding pumping systems. There are optional modules providing training for advanced programming, water management, modernisation audits and equipment maintenance And finally there is an optional module specifically allocated to the Autocad software, specially applied to the selection, design and setting-up of irrigation systems.