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Sentek’s new Drill & Drop Bluetooth probe is a cable-free solution for monitoring soil moisture.  Instead of using cellular modem telemetry, the probe uses a Bluetooth connection with a phone or tablet to collect and transfer the sensor data. With sensors every 10cm along the probe length, high quality data of soil water content, temperature, and even salinity readings can be collected. Using the app, the user simply walks close to the probe in the field, makes the connection, then collects the data.  With the sensor readings stored on the phone or tablet, the data can then be uploaded to Sentek’s IrriMAX Live software when in a wi-fi or cell reception zone. The Drill & Drop probe with Bluetooth suits a range of industries including: Row crop vegetables, nurseries, research, ornamental plantings. The soil moisture probe is powered by a small replaceable lithium battery that can last up to 3 years – depending how often the readings are taken. The Drill & Drop Bluetooth probe is available in lengths of 30cm, 60cm, 90cm and 120cm – offering suitability for annual and perennial crops. Features list: Cable-free, using Bluetooth and a handheld device to collect and transfer the data. Powered by a long-life replaceable lithium battery. Precise readings of soil moisture to assist in irrigation decisions. Data is viewed in IrriMAX Live from your phone, laptop or tablet. Easy to install, and easy to extract – the probe can be moved as needed.