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The European Irrigation Association (EIA) will hold its General meeting virtually on November 10th at 2:00 pm. It will be organized as a two hours video conference, followed by online statuory General Assembly

The Irrigation Conference will be opened to industry professionals and visitors who are interested in international and European trends in the irrigation industry and water policy frameworks as well as the activities carried out by our association. We invite you to join the conference! The conference will be in English language, from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. 

We invited some key-players of the irrigation industry as keynote speakers at the event : Mr. Adriano Battilani, Secretary General of Irrigants d’Europe; Ms Bettina Doeser, Head of the Unit “Clear Water” at the European Commission’s DG Environment; Ms Deborah Hamelin, CEO, US Irrigation Association ; Ms. Xu, Director, China Irrigation Association. 

The conference will cover several interesting topics, including major challenges facing our industry such as worldwide affects of Coronavirus crisis on irrigation industry, recurrent drought summers after summers and at the same time increasing water scarcity, developments in European legislation covering the reuse of wastewater, European standards and regulations relevant to irrigation and latest initiatives of by the US Irrigation Association in education of professionals and fast development of the industry in China. The presentation will be followed by an interactive Q & A session.

At the time of accelerated global change in various aspect of business, political and social life, and the time of growing concerns for complex environmental challenges of the future, the opportunities to exchange between experts in water policies and challenges is becoming more and more important. This is the purpose of the Irrigation Conference. 

The Conference will be followed by EIA General Assembly, with invitation to the EIA members only, from 4:30 to 5:30 pm. While discussing our priorities for 2021, the General  Assembly will proceed with all statuory matters, including the adoption of 2019 accounts and the 2021 budget, the election of new Board members  and of a new EIA President for 3 years.

The participation to this event is free of charge. You just have to register. 


Online registration for Irrigation Conference is available at the link  :


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