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RKD : Retractable Overhang

RKD, in its constant endeavours to develop new products to optimize irrigation has, in this particular case, developed a device that increases the area irrigated with our pivots. This applies specifically to those areas that have special characteristics, such as obstacles (i.e. houses, posts, trees, etc. ...), which cannot be avoided by a normal overhang. Therefore, RKD has developed the swivel overhang, which folds back in those places where it cannot travel and returns to its normal position after passing the obstacle. The RKD swivel overhang has a maximum length of 30.6 m. and it can be used on all RKD models from diameter 596 (59/16”- 141.3mm). It is operated automatically from the center of the pivot. Furthermore, 2 end guns can still be installed: one on the extended overhang and the other on the retracted overhang if applicable, allowing for maximum irrigation of the fields.