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One of the biggest global challenges facing today’s farmers is insect damage to their thin wall drip line/tape. Just a few bites from insects can wreak havoc on a field, leading to the flooding of hundreds of hectares, destruction of crops and days of manual labor to repair.

 Insects cause damage to the drip line/tape by biting or scratching through the drip line/tape in the search for food. Rivulis X-Pell is a unique solution where an active insect repelling ingredient is embedded directly into the drip line/tape. One taste and insects will be gone before they can do any significant damage to the drip line/tape.
After successfully launching in Mexico, Russia and Ukraine, Rivulis X-Pell will be available for sale in Italy, France, Spain and Turkey in 2020. Rivulis X-Pell is available in all of Rivulis’ thin wall category in Rivulis T-Tape, Ro-Drip, D900, D1000 and Eurodrip Compact.  
"The Rivulis X-Pell patent-pending technology goes to the core of the drip line/tape, blending the minimum amount of repellent needed directly into the plastic structure to protect the drip line/tape from insect damage, from the inside out," says Richard Klapholz, Rivulis CEO.  "We dedicated years of research and development to identify an effective and accessible way to solve this widespread threat to farmers everywhere."
Rivulis X-Pell has been proven effective with nearly 1 million meters of tests in Italy, Australia, Russia, Mexico, Spain and Portugal in addition to commercial launches in selected countries. It can enable growers to save money by using lower wall thickness drip/tape. Rivulis X-Pell is safe, reliable and recyclable.