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Rain Bird’s new R-VAN range


The new R-VAN range developed by Rain Bird has been designed for landscape irrigation with the most efficient coverage possible, while making installation and maintenance faster and easier. 


With an ergonomic design, you can manually adjust the arc and radius of the R-VAN rotary nozzles without the need for any tool. You can also clean the nozzles by means of a simple pull-up flush feature on the top section.  The R-VAN nozzle’s wide streams and large water droplets cut through the wind thus delivering water to the required zone and allowing for a saving on water of up to 30%. An optimal precipitation rate reduces run-off and erosion. The new R-VAN range offers shorter irrigation time per zone allowing for a saving on both energy and water. The rotary jets provide uniform cover with a matched precipitation rate. The multi-stream technology also optimises the absorption of water for a healthier turf. The full range consists of 9 nozzles with 3 nozzles being adjustable from 45° to 270°, 3 full-circle nozzles providing a cover of 2.4 to 7.3 m and finally 3 nozzles for the flower beds.  Look ahead with Rain Bird’s new range of R-VAN rotary nozzles.