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Rain Bird’s New ESP-LXIVM

Rain Bird’s New ESP-LXIVM Series Two-Wire Controllers Feature Smart Valve Technology for Advanced Diagnostics and Water Management.

Rain Bird has introduced the ESP-LXIVM Series, two new, easy-to-use controllers for two-wire irrigation systems that provide large, challenging sites with advanced water management tools, diagnostics and a host of new-to-the-industry features.

The ESP-LXIVM standard model can support up to 60 stations, while the “Pro” model can manage larger sites with up to 240 stations. Both feature Rain Bird’s new Integrated Valve Module (IVM), a “smart valve” that maintains constant communication with the controller for more efficient irrigation and advanced diagnostics. The IVM also eliminates the need for a decoder, cutting the quantity of wire splices in half. This saves time and money not just during installation, but also when the system needs maintenance or repairs.