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Pre-installed GBS25 solenoid designed to with stand surges up to 25kV. Golf courses in lightning-prone regions, those that use reclaimed water and those that need water pressure regulation, now have a new valve solution.


Rain Bird Golf’s new GSV Series plastic and brass valves include numerous advanced features designed to enhance durability even under the most challenging conditions. They unmatched protection to withstand up to 25kV of surge. A pre-installed PRS-DIAL regulates and maintains constant outlet pressure between 15 and 100 psi while reducing the affects of water hammer. A waterproof dial cartridge eliminates fogging and binding. The GSV Series includes three plastic models with NPT or BSP thread options and one red brass model with BSP threads only. All GSV models feature a chlorine-resistant diaphragm that protects the valves against harsh chemicals and reclaimed water. The scrubber mechanism on plastic models encapsulates a stainless steel screen to dislodge grit and plant material protecting the valve from debris. Built-in filtration on the GBS25 solenoid and the adapter offer two additional levels of debris protection. An extra purple flow-control handle (handle cover for brass model) is included for use with non-potable water.