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Plast Project. Article “Gadi Drip”


Plast Project, a leading company in the “Irrigation” sector for over 40 years, produces highly efficient products, designed and developed to reduce waste and optimize water resources. 


Presented as a preview at the EIMA 2018 event, this product has aroused strong interest from sector operators. As a result of the experience and know-how gained, Plast Project is proud to present a “Gadi Drip” dripline. Optimised irrigation and high-quality standards are the two essential prerogatives for this product made with the highest quality materials, the perfect combination for a successful finished article. “Gadi Drip” will be available from June 2019. Available versions: 16 mm – 22 mm 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25, 36, 45, 48 mil. Dripper available: Normal – PC – PC AS – PC AS ND. Flow rate: 0.8-1.3-1.6-2.0-2.4-3.8 l/h.