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Pirex is a drip tape and drip line with insect repellent. 

HOW IT WORKS: The insects attack drip tapes and drip line walls by piercing them, causing flooding in the field with interruptions and pressure losses on the irrigation lines, especially when searching for food or water. Plastic-Puglia’s R&D Labs have researched and developed PIREX, a special repellent with a wide-ranging action, integrated into the plastic compound of the drip tubes and drip lines. The chemical recipe, exclusively developed by our technicians repels most of the insects (elaterids.  Millipedes and centipedes, crickets, beetles, cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, grasshoppers, worms, aphids), thus reducing the possibility of damage to the irrigation system. CHARACTERISTICS AND BENEFITS: PIREX protects the drip tape and drip line from insect attack, keeping them away without killing them. It is a repellent product that is not soluble in water and without any impact on crops. PIREX reduces repair and labour costs in the field. It allows for the use of drip tapes and drip lines with lower thickness, thus reducing costs. It includes a standard warranty. Excellent uniformity of delivery and dosage of fertilisers in the irrigation lines. Recyclable hoses and drip lines as a standard product.  Compatible with chemicals and acids used in agriculture. Drip tapes and drip lines manufactured according to the UNI EN ISO 9261:2010 standard and certified by the Italian Institute of Plastics (IIP). USE: Horticultural and floricultural field and greenhouse crops. Plastic-Puglia