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The new Tecnidro IdromembranaING Series is an innovative patented control valve designed to work in gardening/landscape applications but also in agriculture applications thanks to the several advantages compared to traditional gardening valves.

These valves can work with an integrated 2-WAY control system which makes them suitable for the gardening/ landscape/turf market, but the same valves can work with 3-WAY control system becoming a fully operational agriculture control valve. This extreme flexibility, together with the patented elliptical shape diaphragm, that grants up to 20% higher flow rates compared to agriculture control valves, together with the highly resistant nylon reinforced body and the low minimum working pressure assures a long and safe life. It boasts a unique feature for a gardening valve: the possibility to IdromembranaING Series offer also an additional patented feature, the possibility to remove and clean the autocleaning finger filter without disassembling the cover or other parts of the main valve. This grants additional resistance and durability and a longer operative life. Tecnidro offers the complete line of IdromembranaING Series from ¾” up to 2” threaded with the possibility to have or not the flow regulator in the cover in order to cover (or not) all the needs of these markets.