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The S7 Spinner is ideal for irrigation, frost-protection or cooling of any tree or vine crop.


Important features new to micro-irrigation include: low-pressure flow regulation (new 7FC flow control nozzles are flow regulating from 15-50 PSI / 1.0-3.4 bar); quick-clean technology (plugged nozzles are flushed and cleaned in a few seconds); and superior wear-life that is made possible by a stainless steel ball that is affixed to the top of the spin plate. The first ever micro-sprinkler with full modularity, the S7 has quick-change color-coded nozzles for easy size or nozzle type changes. But that is not all. The S7 is the first of a new line of micro-sprinklers that will Spin (S7 Spinner) or Rotate (R7 Rotator®) all with the same quarter-turn, quick-connect body that easily adapts to different connection options (including PVC and plastic stakes, or acme and MNPT threads). The highly-visible, heavy-duty PVC stake option protects the spaghetti tubing from animal and machine damage. It's the perfect “one-sprinkler-per-tree” solution with an optional break-off tab on the spin plate. This reduces water use in the first 1 or 2 years of tree growth by limiting the throw radius to 3 feet.