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NaanDanJain : Super 10 and Super 10 LA

NaanDanJain Super 10. Extra-range, ball-driven sprinkler mounted on Irristand 52. Applications: Field crops, greenhouses, residential and landscaping

For extra-range spacing up to 12 m.

Structure and features: Compact, sturdy, closed and protected ball engine. Bayonet nozzle for easy service. Optional Flow Regulator (F.R.). High water distribution. Brown nozzle for road protector only.


NaanDanJain Super 10 LA. Undertree sprinklers. Low angle, Low-volume, ball-driven sprinkler 1/2” male. Applications: Orchards, vineyards and banana plantations. Structure and features: Available with two different low angles 10° and 14°. High-impact, heavy-duty plastic materials provide resistance to corrosion, fertilizers and UV radiation. Compact, sturdy, closed and protected ball engine. Color-coded bayonet nozzle for easy operation and service. Optional Flow Regulator. Operating pressure – 2.5-4.0 bar w/o regulator 3.0-5.0 bar with regulator.