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NaanDanJain ClickTif HD

Heavy Duty Pressure-Compensating (PC) and Compensating Non- Leakage (CNL) online Button Dripper.

For use in Greenhouses, Nurseries, Orchards, Vineyards, Landscapes and garden plots, with pulse irrigation and soilless cultivation. Prevents excess watering in low places (CNL model). Chemical-resistant, high-grade plastic for precision and durability. Available with 6 different flow rates. STRUCTURE AND FEATURES: Complete range of drippers and accessories in various configurations. 4 dripper design elements minimize the risk of clogging: Protected water inflow, mechanism for flushing the regulating diaphragm, strong turbulent flow in labyrinth enables continual cleaning and flushing and large water path. Standard 5mm tapered connectors or barb connectors 3/5 tube. Unique “sharp edge” CNL design prevents the accumulation of soil and ensures reliable operation under difficult conditions.  NaandDanJain