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The unstoppable drip tape with the most extended filtration surface in the world. A solution for dripper clogging



eXXtreme tape™ is an Irritec-patented light dripline with a continuous dripper, a development of the historically well-known Irritec tape. Specially designed for “hard water”, it allows for irrigation to be carried out with less purified or less filtered water. Performs perfectly until the end of the season. It can be reused the following season. eXXtreme tape™ has two impassable continuous filter barriers along the entire tape, filtering the water flowing towards two continuous interconnected lateral supply channels that are able to distribute the filtered flow with constant uniformity to all the emitters, regardless of the position of the drippers. Moreover, there is a second safety filter located at the beginning of each emitter. As a result, the system works uniformly until the whole filtration area is completely clogged. All this makes eXXtreme tape the dripline with the most extensive filtration surface in the world. Since the eXXtreme tape filter is 20 to 50 times as long as the standard tape, the risk of clogging is proportionally reduced. This makes the product longer-lasting and usable for more than one season.