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Irrigazette 182 : Edito


The incredible health crisis and economic storm that we have lived through will leave its scars and affect the future of generations to come. A new world is being created. The financial crisis that we are undergoing is bringing about the destruction of our values and making our businesses very vulnerable. However, in the midst of this disorder and chaos, a number of new trends are emerging and that is without doubt of great significance: new technologies have appeared to give us the possibility of a clean future. In this edition, you will discover a number of new products aimed at saving water and preserving the environment. Furthermore, Irrigazette is celebrating its 30th anniversary so we are taking the opportunity to thank all of the loyal advertisers who have placed their trust in us over all these years. We will continue, as we have always done, to be at the service of a greener and more welcoming planet. So we wish you all a Happy New Year, with the hope that 2021 sees the end of this difficult period.