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Irrigation Association : July is Smart Irrigation Month

As we saw throughout the 2018 Smart Irrigation Month campaign, smart irrigation can mean different things to different people. Productivity, healthy landscapes, technology and people are just a few examples of what comes to mind when thinking of smart irrigation.

However, what is smart irrigation in action? It can be anything from sprinklers you see on a golf course to drip irrigation in a vineyard to the cloud-based control systems that allow managers to control an irrigation system from anywhere in the world. This July, we hope you will join the irrigation industry in celebrating and showcasing smart irrigation in action.


Coming together

Smart Irrigation Month is our time to come together to celebrate the best our industry has to offer. From offering promotional discounts on irrigation technologies and services to starting a social media campaign highlighting the benefits of smart irrigation, Smart Irrigation Month is our chance to show the world that not only is irrigation a necessity, but we are also driving the future of water management and efficient technologies.

This July will be the 15th celebration of Smart Irrigation Month. To kick things off on Technology Tuesday (July 9), the Irrigation Association will be hosting this day as a celebration of smart irrigation in action. We encourage everyone to show their smart irrigation in action on social media through pictures, videos and yes, even memes, using the hashtag #smartirrigationmonth. July is not the time for our industry to be shy; we need to come together and show everyone just what smart irrigation is all about.


How can you participate in Smart Irrigation Month?

• Be a leader of smart irrigation. Using the tools available on, be a leader among your peers in showcasing smart practices, smart technologies and smart products and what they all can mean. This can be anything from using social media to amplify your message to featuring your product portfolio along with the Smart Irrigation Month logo.

• Engage with media. While you are reading this in a print publication, there are other ways to amplify our message. These can include announcing a new product, service or technology in July or even writing letters to local newspapers and television stations about the importance of smart irrigation and why you celebrate Smart Irrigation Month.

• Advocate on behalf of the industry. Talk to your government officials. Invite them to a site visit in July. Ask them to celebrate Smart Irrigation Month. Because smart irrigation can equate to environmental, social and economic benefits, you will be surprised just how many will want to join us in this initiative.

• Celebrate you. If you make, sell or use irrigation, talk about it. Talk about what you have done to make this industry and our world better through smart irrigation. We need to do a better job of recognizing all that we have jointly accomplished.

While we need to hold each other accountable to celebrate Smart Irrigation Month this July, let’s remember that smart irrigation does not begin on July 1 or end on July 31. We need to celebrate all smart irrigation brings throughout the year. Smart irrigation can be in action at any time and at any place. We need to grow the opportunities that exist to not only employ these best practices but also shine a light on them as the way irrigation should be done. The tools available at and are a great start in making this happen. Smart irrigation can be celebrated in July, but it can be put into practice all year-round.


2019 Irrigation Show

To learn more about the latest technologies and trends in the irrigation industry, we encourage you to attend the 2019 Irrigation Show and Education Conference, December 2-6, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Co-located with Groundwater Week, this year’s Irrigation Show continues to offer more opportunities to see the latest irrigation technologies and what they offer the future of water management. These opportunities include not only the exhibits on the show floor where you can interact with global experts in irrigation, but also the new product contest, an expanded presentation track, educational opportunities and more.

Information about attending this year’s event can be found at