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Climate change has taken mankind on a ‘journey from which there is no return’ and global warming is affecting everyone: heat waves in North America, fires, torrential rain in Western Europe, tornadoes, floods in China,

These phenomena are going to intensify and become more frequent, but this wake-up call is also a reality check as well as being a plea for action. The solutions are there; whereas for many people it is all doom and gloom, others put things into perspective and gamble on technology being the salvation of us all.

Our profession is a glaring example of this: improving irrigation efficiency by making the best use of available water resources is now within our grasp.

Whether it is the agricultural sector, parks and gardens or the general public, everyone can contribute towards solving the most urgent environmental problems confronting us in the world today with the use of the latest irrigation techniques.

In this issue, you will discover how the irrigation booms have better distribution of water over the surface of the field; how drip irrigation combined with fertigation allows for increased production while saving on water; how the sensors and probes have enabled irrigation techniques to improve; and, finally, how growing plants in the towns leads to a reduction in the heat island effect and develops the biodiversity.