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Edito : : “Climate Change is running faster than we are”

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Antonio Guterres, the UN Secretary General, made a statement, which did not go unnoticed: “Climate Change is running faster than we are”. We are losing the race and this would be a tragedy for the planet. Global warming is one of the best-known consequences: CO2 emissions from the burning of fossil fuels alter the balance in the atmosphere and consequently bring about a change in climate, leading to more frequent extreme weather events and natural disasters. In fact, unless we protect the environment, the human capacity to evolve and even survive could very quickly be placed in jeopardy. The vague desire to opt for a better management of the energy resources has now little by little become a pressing reality. As far as irrigation is concerned, the need to save water has never been greater.  The modernisation of the irrigation equipment and also optimum irrigation management methods make it possible to achieve savings on water of up to 25% without reducing crop yields.*  With this additional data at their disposal, the manufacturers are tirelessly striving to develop new methods: low-flow and low-pressure irrigation, water stress detection in the plants, eco-irrigation, recycling plastic waste. From now on, the efficient management of both water and crops will, within the framework of today’s globalized market, allow for a sustainable and acceptable level of growth and development for both humanity and the environment.


* see the study carried out by IRSTEA