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It’s now easier than ever to conserve water on residential and commercial landscape irrigation systems by using your smart phone or tablet and DIG’s new 410BT Bluetooth timer. 


The DIG 410BT single station timer eliminates the need to go outside and squeeze through the shrubbery just to access and operate battery operated timers that are frequently installed at an awkward height and can be difficult to see. After installing the timer(s) and downloading the free DIG Bluetooth app, the user can now sit down, relax, and use their smart phone or tablet to program, re-program, operate, and review the schedule and status of the timer(s). The compact, fully waterproofed (IP68) single-button timer is powered by two AA alkaline batteries, and is available with either the solenoid only (includes adapters for retrofit to Rain Bird, Hunter, and Toro valves), or pre-installed on DIG’s in-line valves from 3⁄4’ to 2”. The single button can be used to reset the timer to the factory default settings, or to open & close the valve for an immediate watering cycle if necessary.  Available for either Apple or Android smart phones and tablets.