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The Eima Digital Preview Platform, a virtual exhibition dedicated to Agriculture machinery and technological innovation, was a success. At the end of the five days, the platform's traffic count indicated a total of over 59 thousand accesses, with about 10 thousand users connected for events and seminars.

Furthermore, the platform will be perfected over the coming weeks - announces FederUnacoma - and will be made available later for companies and organizations representing the world of agriculture and agricultural machinery, in preparation for the “physical” EIMA to be held in 2021.

The companies (exhibitors) have set up their own virtual room, placing within them – in the three-dimensional spaces provided in the platform – a gallery of product ranges and new products, as well as within futuristic virtual stages, which have been followed live with a high level visual quality information materials about the organisation.

Their presence at the EIMA Digital Preview aims to offer an innovative promotional and business experience, offering visitors a virtual universe that presents manufacturers’ offers and that can be explored effectively and immediately. The dedicated space allowed the exhibitors  to make contact with visitors, operators and foreign delegations.

Next to the exhibition area, the digital platform provided a large section for cultural and communication initiatives, with a rich calendar of conventions, conferences and seminars, on technical and political/economic issues. The overall result of the online seminars and meetings was positive: thanks to the collaboration with universities, publishing houses, professional associations and exhibiting companies, over 120 events were held during the five days, with a large audience participation.

During the day, the meetings promoted directly by the exhibiting industries were also important for presenting new products and topics and specific interests, in particular those of Rivulis, Netafim, Irritec, Caprari, regarding Irrigation industries.

Two irrigation companies received a prize for Eima 2021 Technological Innovation Contest: Rivulis for X-Pell, a thin wall drip line treated with insecticide and Rain Bird for its ESP-LXIVM Two-Wire Controller with Smart Valve Technology.