Developing nature in the city; this is the ambitious target set by the City Council of Fréjus for the next 5 years: “5000 trees was his election promise”. Improving the quality of life, reduci...> See details

I travelled with Michaël Laliot to the station of Choisy le Roi on a wet June day. We travelled in heavy rain along the brand-new line of Tramway 9 which links Paris to the town of Orly.

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With 720 member golf clubs representing 33,000 hectares of natural spaces, the foremost concern of the FF of Golf (ffgolf) is the conservation of the environment and preserving water. Some fee...> See details

The fertigation and pH adjustment techniques developed for protected (greenhouse) crops are becoming increasingly suitable for agricultural field crops (Fruit trees/vineyards/market gardening).

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The truffle is an ectomycorrhizal fungus, which is hypogeous and edible, living in symbiosis with the roots of certain species of trees and shrubs, such as the holm oak and common oak, among others...> See details

A consortium of banana producers started operations in Ghana with a pilot area to evaluate the development of plantations in that region. After the second harvest, the drip systems’ productivity ...> See details

Center-pivot irrigation consists of a self-driven watering device that irrigates grasslands  and other crops. It is different from other devices insofar as it operates in a circle  or in ...> See details

About 250 exhibiting industries have confirmed their presence at the Idrotech Show, one of the specialised areas of EIMA International (Bologna 19-23 October). The most advanced technologies for th...> See details

Renewable Energy Charging The Pure Vision control unit has a rechargeable lithium battery that can be charged using by solar panel or water turbine.

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New dates: From 27th February to 5th March 2022 – Exhibitions require planning certainty – Agricultural machinery industry backs the world-leading exhibition

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