What is Full Coverage Irrigation?

Full Coverage Irrigation (FCI) is an irrigation design and management philosophy that enlists the irrigation system in a holistic approach to give the growe...> See details


A well-designed and properly adjusted device will save water and improve production 

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Located in an outer suburb of Barcelona, the Besos Riverside Park extends for 9 kilometres on both sides of the river Besos as far as the sea. Covering a total area of 115 hectares...> See details


The re-use of waste water consists of recovering the effluents originating from our domestic, industrial or agricultural uses. Nowadays, this water is processed at the treatment pl...> See details


Precision agriculture is a technology that is receiving attention by industry, researchers and farmers. Precision agriculture means applying the right of amount of inputs to a fiel...> See details


Solar power is a very topical subject with potential for all sectors on a global basis, ranging from space stations to agro-irrigation, given the unlimited availability of solar ra...> See details


The properties of polyethylene make it a material that is used more and more in the world today. Discovered accidentally in 1933 by two chemists from the company ICI, the first ind...> See details


The city of Poitiers is a municipality in western central France. This metropolitan area was established in 1965, consisting of 13 communes. Greater Poitiers has 142,537 i...> See details

Golfers constantly expect higher levels of quality.


Global holiday trips to top golf destinations on the one hand and new or newly renovated golf courses in their ...> See details


A centralised irrigation control system can be described as an IT system that allows for the scheduling and management of an irrigation installation from a single location.  T...> See details