Following 20 years of stable growth, Europe’s golf market experienced its first downturn in golfing activities in 2011. The decrease in the number of registered golfers can bepartially attributed...> See details

The sprinklers are devices that allow for a spray to be produced, in order to irrigate by sprinkling. Among those available, we have the mobile sprinklers for surface systems and fixed sprinklers f...> See details

Farm irrigation systems are the methods of applying water to crops and are classified as surface irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, and microirrigation. The decision to select an irrigation sys...> See details

Water filtration is important for all irrigation systems. Now before someone argues with me, yes, some sprinkler systems are used to spread solids, such as treated sewage, for disposal. But even th...> See details


The Peninsula Hotel opened its doors on 1st August 2014 after four years of refurbishment work. This art deco style hotel has 200 very luxurious rooms, including 34 suites consider...> See details


Over the last fifty years or so, irrigation techniques have just got better and better at improving irrigation efficiency, which is a measure of the relationship between the result...> See details


The Noria Golf Course, near Marrakesh, was opened in November 2014, after 5 years of hard work. Watered in its entirety with recycled water from the city, provided with picturesque...> See details


First, let’s be clear that if given a choice, most everyone would prefer a natural turf sports field. However, many school and recreational sports fields today must support nearl...> See details


Built between 1902 and 1930 and an important architectural expression of Catalan modernism, the hospital of the Holy Cross and Saint Paul is a city within a city. This modernist en...> See details


All too often, homeowners invest in top notch sprinkler systems and timers - but they never quite learn how to use them effectively. As a result, wasted water and other issues can ...> See details