Located in an outer suburb of Barcelona, the Besos Riverside Park extends for 9 kilometres on both sides of the river Besos as far as the sea. Covering a total area of 115 hectares...> See details


The re-use of waste water consists of recovering the effluents originating from our domestic, industrial or agricultural uses. Nowadays, this water is processed at the treatment pl...> See details


The properties of polyethylene make it a material that is used more and more in the world today. Discovered accidentally in 1933 by two chemists from the company ICI, the first ind...> See details

Golfers constantly expect higher levels of quality.


Global holiday trips to top golf destinations on the one hand and new or newly renovated golf courses in their ...> See details


The city of Poitiers is a municipality in western central France. This metropolitan area was established in 1965, consisting of 13 communes. Greater Poitiers has 142,537 i...> See details


A centralised irrigation control system can be described as an IT system that allows for the scheduling and management of an irrigation installation from a single location.  T...> See details


In each case, we have the same situation: a large city and a monumental fountain being built on a very prominent square as part of the redevelopment of a whole city district. ...> See details


By 2050, there will be 9 billion inhabitants on earth, with 80% living in an urban environment. Even with the anticipation of certain technological developments, traditional agricu...> See details




With its 236,500 ha of grapevine and 18,200 vineyards (data from the 200 survey), the Languedoc Roussil...> See details


We don’t need to remind ourselves of the challenges facing us in terms of the volumes and quality of water used, even in the areas that we believed were immune from shortages. In...> See details