The Noria Golf Course, near Marrakesh, was opened in November 2014, after 5 years of hard work. Watered in its entirety with recycled water from the city, provided with picturesque...> See details


First, let’s be clear that if given a choice, most everyone would prefer a natural turf sports field. However, many school and recreational sports fields today must support nearl...> See details


Built between 1902 and 1930 and an important architectural expression of Catalan modernism, the hospital of the Holy Cross and Saint Paul is a city within a city. This modernist en...> See details


All too often, homeowners invest in top notch sprinkler systems and timers - but they never quite learn how to use them effectively. As a result, wasted water and other issues can ...> See details

Although the furrow method was virtually the only system used in the past, nowadays there is a wide range of irrigation techniques available, such as the pivot, hose-reel and travelling gun or the ...> See details

What is Full Coverage Irrigation?

Full Coverage Irrigation (FCI) is an irrigation design and management philosophy that enlists the irrigation system in a holistic approach to give the growe...> See details


In the light of the very contro­versial Silvens dam project (on the River Tarn) and the ‘infrin­gement of regulations’ procee­dings initiated by the European Commission, the...> See details


A well-designed and properly adjusted device will save water and improve production 

...> See details


Precision agriculture is a technology that is receiving attention by industry, researchers and farmers. Precision agriculture means applying the right of amount of inputs to a fiel...> See details


Solar power is a very topical subject with potential for all sectors on a global basis, ranging from space stations to agro-irrigation, given the unlimited availability of solar ra...> See details