A device that is well-designed and adjusted can save water and improve yields.


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The fine weather was there to be enjoyed at the twenty-fifth Innov-Agri show, held on 6th, 7th and 8th September 2016 at Outarville in the Loiret, in France. The event attracted just over 70,000 vi...> See details

The Spoga+Gafa show, which closed on 6th September 2016, had an excellent response. This year, more than 39,000 visitors from 106 countries attended the international garden show in Cologne.

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The founder of Rain Spa, Eng. Vittorio Stiatti, was born into a family of mechanical entrepreneurs in 1936, in the city of Livorno.

His father, in fact, started a very successful company in ...> See details

No-one can deny that 2016 has been a catastrophic year: with natural disasters, climate change, floods, drought and fires, not to mention those brutal terrorist attacks and the hordes of re...> See details


It is widely stated that the Ryder Cup is to golf what the World Cup is to football. The Ryder Cup is the third most watched sporting competition in the world, after the Olympic Ga...> See details

The plant water demand

Water is the plant’s main component (more than 80%). It is required for the everyday physiological functions of the plant: to sustain life, develo...> See details

Essential training


“There are very few well-trained technicians in the irrigation industry”, stated  Pierre-Alain Madelaine, President of Synaa (French Automa...> See details


The amount of plastic waste generated in agriculture in 2008 by the 27 countries of the European Union plus Norway and Sweden was 1.243 million tons (Mt). 53.6% of the total was th...> See details


With this method a single minisprinkler emitter is plac ed for each tree. The emitter sprays water in a circular pattern under the foliage at low rates over a limited area around t...> See details