Introducing the latest T-TapeS Drip tape series – T-TapeS, an innovative product on the drip irrigation market.

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Plastic-Puglia presents AquaPress®, a dripline with a flat dripper, suitable for installations on uneven fields or for subsurface irrigation, the technique that directs water and nutrients directl...> See details

The QF Dripline Header is a patent pending product that is the landscape industry’s first pre-fabricated header for dripline installations. A Quick and Flexible replacement for a site-built heade...> See details

DIG has commenced shipping of the #GLW08, a complete vertical garden system that includes eight innovative containers and mounting brackets, and a high tech, low-volume drip irrigation system that ...> See details

This completely new product, the Netafim™ integrated dripper with Turbunext™ tur­bulent flow and thin-walled tubing (10-15 mil or 250-280 microns), offers excep­tional performances, particula...> See details

iDrop light PC is the latest Irritec addition to its dripper product range: small-sized and using maximum technology. It is equipped with a double inlet filter, a resistant silicone membrane and a ...> See details

D7 is an extruded dripline with a new flat dripper.

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DCF is the new Irritec patented continuous labyrinth lightweight dripline.

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Dripper flow rates: 2.05 l/h; 4.0 l/h (available soon). Suitable for 12-32 mm tubes. Non-drain option: the dripline remains full of water between irrigations, ensuring immediate and uniform irrigat...> See details

Rain Spa is proud to announce the launch of the Click Series.

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